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We are a volunteer organization and need the support of the community to remain viable not only for the present, but for the next generations of Corrales seniors as well. Volunteering with ViV now helps ensure we'll be there when you need us in the future!

ViV has many areas where
 your skills and assistance can be put to good use in furthering our development.

We need volunteers to drive Members to medical appointments, grocery shopping and other appointments; help with minor tasks such as changing light bulbs, taking out the trash, and friendly visiting; and provide short respites for caregivers.  

ViV also has a number of committees on which you can serve:

  • Members and Volunteers Committee
  • Social Activities Committee
  • Finance Committee (includes accounting/bookkeeping)                 
  • Publicity Committee (includes marketing and newsletter)
  • Member Services Committee (includes training on being a Call Manager)
  • Website Maintenance and Development

If you would like to sign up to be a ViV volunteer, please click one of the links below and provide your information, then click on Submit:

If you are already a volunteer and want to sign up for a specific service and time, please click here:
                          Volunteer Services Signup

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